Rockwell Drill Tech Sarl. is recognized as one of the most leading and reliable multi-disciplinary Boreholes drilling contractors based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. We have been giving our services in India, Nigeria, Zambia and South Sudan. Having more than 25 years of experience in drilling Industry, the company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of water related problems. Our highly experienced drilling operators and dedicated technicians are integral part of the company, they are the most experts in borehole drilling.

Rockwell has been servicing a wide range of clients which includes NGOs, Mining Companies and many private contract companies. Rockwell specializes in ground water exploration and impact assessments. We conduct Geophysical surveys to determine the conditions and select the right site for water drilling and mineral exploration.

We are specialized in

  • The Assessment of geo hydrological conditions at the site.
  • Bore Hole Sighting.
  • The management and supervision of borehole drilling activities.
  • The Yield testing of Bore Hole.
  • The analysis of the quantity of ground water source.
  • The compilation of actions taken and geo hydrological reports.