Our Rigs

Rockwell Drill Tech Water Well Drill Rigs are Hydraulic Super rigs with advanced technology. Our drilling rigs has capacity to drill 6" to 26" borehole up to a depth of 400mts plus. We are capable of any large scale drilling.

Advantages of Our Machinery

  • Easy & Faster Mobilization
  • Faster Drilling than Traditional
  • Cost Effective
  • Capable of Drilling in all formations

Water Well Drill - DYNA 1500 - Technical Specifications

Capacity: 6 1/2 Dia bore holes to depth of 457mts(1500ft)

Prime Mover: Truck mounted rig with power from truck engine through transfer gear box

Drilling Method: Mud rotary with direct circulation, Drilling by drag bit (over burden) Rotary percussion with DTH hammer, Dust destruction with injecting water, Air or foam

Mast: Box type structure

  • Max Capacity - 18tons (39,744 lbs)
  • Height - 8.20mts (27ft)
  • Rod handling capacity 6.1mts (20ft)

Pull Up and Pull Down: Hydraulic cylinder over wire rope, reeving ratio 3:1

  • Max pull up force: 12830kgs(28,328 lbs)
  • Max pull up speed: 39m/min(128ft/min)
  • Max pull down force: 6,280kgs(13,866 lbs)
  • Max pull down speed: 50m/min(167ft/min)

Hydraulic System: 210kg/cm2 (3000psi)

Hydraulic Oil Cooler: 50gpm Aluminium fin type cooler

Rotary Head: Rotary head is powered by one hydraulic motor

  • Max torque: 31246 in - lbs(360kg - m)
  • Max speed 0 to 150 rpm

Jacks: Four hydraulic jacks with load hold valves

Water Injection Pump: Triplex reciprocation pump powered by hydraulic motor

Compressor: 1100cfm / 300psi

Mud Pump: A medium Mud pump with a hydraulic motor of 25HP can drilling upto 200mts

Break Out Wrench: Hydraulic break out cylinder of 350mm stroke to open drill pipe joints

Attachments: Dynamo, Welding machine