Why Rockwell Drill Tech

Our Commitment to our customers is to respond quickly, efficiently and professionally with trained, supervised personnel. This commitment has earned us the reputation as a reliable drilling contractor company.

Rockwell Drill Tech focuses not only on the quality of its project execution, but also places equal emphasis on being:

Prompt and prepared

We understand the demands of each project and strive to schedule our involvement as conveniently as possible to suit your needs. Our operators are always on-time to the job site and come prepared with the proper equipment and work ethic. If necessary, our operators will also be equipped with backup equipments, ensuring that nothing stands between you and the completion of your project.

Customer Support

Rockwell Drill Tech maintains a full technical and mechanical support staff, on call 24x7. We are committed to service, equipment availability, environment protection, and safety. Our engineering and mechanical crews take great pride in their ability to solve complicated technical problems should the unexpected happen.

Our Values

We believe that our customers and staff are the most valuable assets of our company driven by the following values.

  • Dedication to customer needs
  • Pursuit of excellence in everything we do
  • Passion for technology
  • Innovation
  • Respect and Openness
  • Ready to take on great challenges
  • Team work
  • We give a dedicated 24x7 support to our customers after work and AMC’s
  • Above all undertaking all our works with regard to highest safety practices and standards.


Rockwell Drill Tech is committed for environmental care and protection:

Managing all issues of environment policy as integral parts of company business and planning.

  • Developing appropriate environment policies and programmes, and monitor their consistent implementation by accountable and adequately resourced personnel.
  • Complying with environment legislation requirements and follow global rends and standards of best practice.
  • Requiring all our operations to be complaint with the environmental management standard of our clients.
  • Co-operating with regulatory agencies, our principals and employee representatives to promote constructive interaction in environmental issues of mutual concern.
  • Conserving the use of energy and natural resources through employing, wherever practical, the principles of reduction, recovery, re-use and recycling.
  • Managing wastes, emissions, dust and the use of potentially harmful substances so as to prevent pollution.