Borehole Drilling Services

  • Hydro Geological surveys and Site selection
  • Borehole drilling and well development
  • Installation of Hand pumps, Electrical & Solar Pumps
  • Water Distribution systems as per the customers requirement
  • Construction of Over head Tanks
  • Water Testing: Quality and Quantity
  • Borehole Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Water Pressure Boosting
  • Pile Hole Drilling / Soil Investigation
  • De-Watering/ Air Ventilation Holes
  • System designs and Technical consultations

Being a specialized borehole drilling contractor, we offer excellent water well drilling services. Our borehole drilling services are preferred by many clients to cater their varied needs of Agricultural, Drinking, Industrial, Commercial, Construction and Municipal applications. Our company is known for drilling service provider who undertakes all types of water well drilling works in all types of soil. We have been serving both rural and city clients in Nigeria, Zambia, South Sudan and India.

We are expert in drilling 6" & 8", 9", 10 & 12" boreholes with the hydraulic super rigs with experienced & qualified geologists and operators. The company has Ground Water Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the Water Well Drilling point; We have expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged boreholes, earth pits and all types of forms for domestic and industrial purpose.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Drilling and Exploration
  • Supply of quality Equipment
  • Installation and Educating
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Consultations and Technical assessments for existing & new projects.