Rockwell Drill Tech has a solution to every water related issue that you are facing with. Below are few questions that our customers ask!

Q: What Rockwell Drill Tech Does?
Rockwell Drill Tech is one of the most reliable and important multidisciplinary drilling companies based in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. The company provided all types of services related to water drilling, starting from research and site selection to completion of drilling and pump installation

Q: Where is Rockwell Drill Tech Located?
Our Head office is in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire Opposite to UNIWAX, Zone Industrial in Yopougon.

Q. I already have a drill on my site / industry / home I do not use it for several years. Can I reuse it now?
Depending on Borehole conditions, we will recommend the procedure. We provide rehabilitation services to get your borehole production.

Q. My Home/ Site / Industry is located in a very remote location. Could you realize drilling for me?
Yes, our trucks equipped with the latest technology are able to move all kinds of remote location.

Q. I have no power on my site. Can I have a borehole?
We offer best services on the installation of pumps. We offer solar pumps to our customers who don't have access to electricity.

Q. I have a Plantation / Home / Industry for which I have already made several boreholes didn't succeeded. How Rockwell could help me solving my problem?
We have equipment with advanced technology for geophysical research on the field, which allows us to choose the most favourable site to perform drilling and minimize the risk of failure.

Q. What kind of guarantee Rockwell gives on the quality of water to clients?
We have apparatus to test the water quality in each of the wells that we make to ensure that it meets the minimum standards of potability of WHO.

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